Earlier today West Ham United launched their 2024 Community Engagement Campaign, #LessBest. “the main goal is a healthier and happier West Ham fanbase, promoting wellbeing throughout the community” announced Club Ambassador, Mark Noble.

The core principles of #LessBest include charging £6.50 a pint of beer — by far the most in the Premier League — as well as hosting the highest pie prices.

Club officials say it’s working. "We're delighted!" Beamed an enthusiastic Noble, "People arriving later, and they’re leaving as soon as the whistle goes - often many minutes beforehand. Because of this they're eating and drinking less. It's just done New Years' and everyone is keen to lose a pound or two, we’re proud we are contributing to our fan wellbeing."

Football finance expert, Kieran Maguire, disagrees. On the popular The Price of Football podcast, he concluded"West Ham fans are being taken to the cleaners."

Of course, this isn't the first time the West Ham owners and board have put fan health and wellbeing first. Ever the community minded club they are, in 2016 they upped sticks from Upton Park — their spiritual home for more than 100 years — to the London Stadium, providing fans with the opportunity to exceed their step count goals every other week. 

Questioned about a separate story relating to AMSRtists putting footage of West Ham in possession of the ball on repeat to help their audiences sleep, Noble responded, “you’ll have to talk to David, that one's on him”