There are few sources in life of pure, unadulterated joy.

Even fewer which are legal in most countries.

Watching your team score — with a screamer from outside the box, with a tap in at near post, with a header from a corner, with a curler from a free kick, or any other type of goal there is — used to be one of them.

VAR has taken that away.

Before, a goal would make you jump, as if gravity didn’t apply, and in mid-air, with time standing still, you would look over to the linesman “no flag, get in” — upon landing, delirium would ensue.

Now, your team scores. You’re happy, of course you are. But the goal hasn’t been “cleared” yet, so you can’t really celebrate. Then. Minutes tick by. You wait. And. Decision time. Finally. It’s a goal. “Yay”. But the moment has gone.

VAR needs to go.

Give fans their game back.

Give fans their pure, unadulterated joy back.