The real reason Marcus Rashford missed Manchester United’s trip to League Two side Newport County in the FA Cup has been revealed today by those close to the player.

The pre-match talk had centered around two topics — Newport County’s defeat in the 1981 European Cup Winners Cup quarter finals, and, fast forwarding almost 43 years, the omission of Manchester United’s star forward.

While much of the post-match narrative was rightfully saved for Newport's gallant and inspired performance, rocking the former football giants with their comeback from two goals down to 2-2, before lady luck smiled Anthony's way for a lucky break off the post. The open question of Rashford remained everywhere. Match of the Day into something of an interrogation for the viewer. In quickfire style, and with much abandon Lineker spat down the camera — "Where was Marcus? Was this Sancho2.0? Is there an unannounced transfer story? Does EtH know his whereabouts?"

Men across the UK could be forgiven for wondering when Gary Lineker had become so much like their better half.

Unsurprisingly, after much rumour and click bait, a source close to the player reached out to The Tactical Yellow to set the record straight.

Much like 98% of the 31 million overseas travellers who visit the UK each year, Rashford had absolutely no desire to go to The Land of Song. “Earning 300,000 grand a week, Marcus could be anywhere, why on earth would he go to Wales”, said our source. “Footballers, like office workers, have the right to a minimum standard of working conditions, and Wales just doesn’t reach the threshold for Marcus”.

All valid and coherent points.

Of course.

That was until Rashford posted on socials from Belfast.