Ahead of Tottenham's final home game of the season this Tuesday night, prices of the team's special fourth kit from 2007-08 have gone up by more than 2500% online since Saturday, causing loyal supporters to dig through their closets in the hope of finding gold. 

The sharp rise — even surpassing Daniel Levy's season ticket increases for seniors, as reported by The Athletic — has prompted calls for restraint from the local Labour office, who commented on the parallels with Tulip Mania which swept Amsterdam in the 17th centuary, causing the price of a single tulip bulb to rise to more than ten times the annual salary in the Dutch capital. 

The cause for such an increase is unclear — despite Manchester City and Arsenal slugging it out at the top of the league, Tottenham fans are adamant that they support Tottenham, and Tottenham alone. 

Speaking to our reporter in N17, Tottenham season ticket holder, Andrew Smithens, told our reporter "Luckily I still had that shirt, it's a classic and it has the Tottenham badge on it so obviously I'll be supporting the boys on Tuesday, Arsenal fans are just paranoid".

Andrew may say so, but, looking at the kit in question, it seems there may be reason for them to be so. 

More to come on this story.