Jurgen Klopp has once again shown his emotional intelligence, his empathy, and his ability to look beyond bias to see the game through colourblind eyes — all traits which have made the German a favourite among supporters of other Premier League teams — when he generously offered Nottingham Forest a replay of yesterday’s Premier League match.

Liverpool won the match in the 99th minute, well after the indicated added minutes had lapsed, and inexplicably as a direct result of a poor refereeing decision, the visitors being given an uncontested drop-ball a minute earlier which should in fact have gone to Nottingham.

Luckily for Forest fans — nervously watching their team deep in a relegation battle, with a potential points penalty hanging over them for profit and sustainability infractions — Jurgen is not just a football manager, he is also a human.

Speaking to our reporter earlier today Klopp preached “I’m never one to go overboard, and when I see something which is not right I make it my mission to correct that. I advocated for a replayed game against Tottenham earlier in the season, and I’m offering one now. It’s not the results which drive me as a person, it’s the fairness of it all — I wouldn’t want to lose like that, so I have no choice but to refuse to win like that”.

More to come.