The football world has seen some smooth operators over the years, players who, as the saying goes, you would have take a penalty should your life depend on it. 

But never has there been a more he must have ice in his veins moment than watching Howard Webb's performance on Sky Sports' Mic'd Up last week. 

In a game where strikers regularly give the keeper the eyes and send them the other way, Webb's poker face was a class above. 

While reviewing officiating incidents from the last matchweek, Webb pleaded football fans and reporters to remember that Referees are human beings too — without even a hint of a grin, a glance at the floor, or a bead of sweat on his brow. 

Off-camera, a source has confirmed that Webb doubled down on his public display of deception by later declaring that VAR had improved the game. 

They exist. They walk among us. They'll send you off for studs-up tackles.