Following his team's late capitulation at home to Villa on Sunday, Arsenal fan, Michael Edgar, has decided to take a conservative approach for the remainder of the season when speaking about the Premier League's title race. 

Sheepishly arriving at his desk this morning, Michael avoided all potential face-to-face interactions which might have migrated towards the topic of football — headphones in, NY Yankees cap on, abstaining from coffee or, at least from the common staff kitchen — but by lunch he had settled on his defence. 

"City are the favourites, I've said that all along"

"We are building, Arteta is at the wheel and I have faith"

"The Premier League has 115 charges against City pending, they shouldn't really be in the league. It's impressive we are running them close"

This is in stark contrast to Every. Single. Day. Of. 2024. So. Far, where it has been nothing but gloating and proclamations, both in the office, and to anyone on his vast WhatsApp contact list, via the Broadcast feature.

"Declan Rice was the last ingredient, we're cooking now"

"No stopping Arteta and the boys, Gabriel and Saliba are the best defenders to play the game"

"Honestly, we are playing football better than peak-Barcelona, week-in, week-out, it's just madness"

More on this as it comes. 

"Second would actually be quite an achievement for a young team and manager like Arsenal and Arteta", muttered Michael, to nobody in particular.