Cold, hungry, and lost, and feeling abandoned, Harry Kane wandered on, clearing moss, ducking branches. On and on he went. On, and on, and on, and on.

Through dense and dark forest and over fallen leaves Harry Kane wandered on passing trees and more trees. Starting to get desperate, wondering "what should I do",  he was in search of salvation; in search of silverware too.

Harry had spent his entire life in this wild, mystical place, alone and confused, wishing just for a taste. The trees looked to be clearing, only for the shadows to surround, each turn seemed familiar and new at the same, is he going the right way or simply circling in vain?

He perseveres still, one foot after the other, softly and slowly he walks on with will. He wanders while cold, and he wanders while warm, he wanders in hope, repeating "class over form". He wanders on as he must, and just when all hope seems lost, when the trees seem so large, and he feels small as a mouse, the path ahead clears, and in front of him towers, a big and tall house. It's a house with a name, he reads as he stands, the name on the top, says it's the ALLIANZ.

Harry pauses dead still, looking straight at the house, then rubs his eyes hard, once, twice, and thrice.

Is this for real?” he wonders aloud. The house stands before him, its walls built of pastry, its roof made of cake, a choco-chimney overhead - trophies and titles made from sweet brioche bread. “I’ll have some of this” said Harry with glee, “this will make a fine meal, I’ll feast on domestic trebles, no one will doubt me

Before Harry could swallow his first bite of the house, someone inside shrieked high and shrieked loud!

nibble, nibble, like a mouse, who is nibbling at my house

The door to the house flew open, an old man shuffled out, the wiry Bavarian had a confused look on his face, pointed cheeks here and thinning hair there, ears facing out oddly, direction unclear.

“My name is Thomas” said the man, “This is my house”

“Come closer young man, do not be afraid”

“Come closer young man, there is food inside here”

“Come closer young man, there are trophies to share”

Before a second thought Harry was inside the house, as he sat and surveyed, his eyes blinked once or twice. He woke to a startle, and to an iron clad grip. The old man stood high, even taller than before, and no longer slowly, he dragged Kane while he swore. Through the kitchen and hallway, and out the back door, Thomas took Harry and threw him straight onto the floor. As he locked shut the stable, Harry inside, Thomas laughed and he chuckled, ears out to the side.

You’ll stay here forever, with no trophies for you. We’ll all play my way. and the crowd will but boo.”