The global football media fraternity has descended into a collective meltdown over Paris Saint-Germain's stunning, dominant, and suffocating display of football over two legs in their Champions League semi-final loss to Borussia Dortmund. 

Accreditted — and paid — reporters from far and wide purred over the well-oiled machine from the French Capital, with those of a garlic persuasion even raising the question as to whether hitting the post in modern football should not be worth half a goal, after PSG hit the frame of the goal six times from 44 shots over two legs before succumbing 2-0 on aggregate. 

"Il faut se demander si le football aurait suivi cette voie si Napoléon avait gagné. Le cadre est après tout une cible plus petite"

L'Équipe magazine in France

While the narrative is currently centred around the success PSG had in failing to score, it is only a matter of time until the Qatari play-thing will have to disect yet another failure at the top table of European football.

With Mbappe off at the end of the season and the Champions League trophy appearing as distant as ever, one reporter from The Independent suggested, dryly, that PSG's owners might turn their attention to the Six Nations if they want to see success from kicks going beyond the central frame of goal for hours on end.