Chelsea fan, 33 year old Oliver Redwood, raised suspicision in the office this morning by quickly retorting "I stayed right to the end" after his co-worker simply asked how the game was last night. 

With Chelsea trailing Manchester United 3-2 deep into added time, following an Alejandro Garnacho brace for the visitors, Oliver took the seemingly-responsible-but-ultimately-rash decision to beat the queues for the tube and head back to his shared flat near Clapham Common. 

As the clock wound down, and before Cole Palmer stepped up, Oliver threw in his AirPods, made sure noise cancelling was on, and blocked out the world with Kanye's Vultures 1 all the way home. 

The consequences of his decision only dawned on him when, upon entering his living room, his flatmate enthusiastically commented "that must have been some game, what an amazing finish". Oliver did not share such enthusiasm. 

So, this morning in his glass cubical at the WeWork on Waterhouse Square, Oliver is keeping conversations as short as possible, and, once again, blocking the world out with more Yeezy.